The switch cold water exposure

Cold Therapy Workshop for Corporate Groups

Adapt your body and
mind to changes

Increase your sense
of self-efficacy

Build mental resilience and expand your comfort zone

Reduce chronic stress and increase your productivity

The Switch workshop focuses on the use of cold water exposure to induce healthy stress as a way to significantly improve our sense of self-efficacy and the development of mental resilience. This is a practical workshop that aims to increase our productivity and reduce chronic stress.

Exercising ”healthy stress” and improved sense of self-efficacy

Background –  Nowadays, as we live with constant uncertainty and are forced to deal with changes, we find ourselves obligated to adapt to the unknown. Some of us do so very well, while for most of us, leaving outside of our comfort zone, these circumstances lead to frustration, decreased motivation and morale, and at times, symptoms of depression as well.

Self-Efficacy – According to Albert Bandura  (perhaps the greatest theorist in the field of social psychology) the shared quality of those who cope well with uncertainty and change is a high perception of self-efficacy.

Should we take two individuals with identical capabilities to solve a particular problem, the one whose sense of self-efficacy is higher, will achieve better results in the immediate term. In the long term, the individual with the higher sense of self-efficacy will develop even higher capabilities than the colleague that began at that same starting point.

Stress –  The pace to which we are conditioned during the course of our life and the constant deadlines we must meet at the workplace, may induce chronic stress that impairs our physical and mental health, and reduces our productivity at work. Controlled exposure to cold water results in healthy exposure to acute stress, which improves our resistance to chronic stress (The Science of Hormesis – Prof. Yuval Heled).

קראו עוד

You will learn how to:

It is time we take control over everyday situations instead of letting them run our lives.

Leaving our comfort zone

 Sudden cold generates stress and overwhelms us emotionally. Our limbic system in the brain operates in a way that causes most of us to quickly flee to our comfort zone,  out of an instinctive  sense of danger, which leads  to a fear response. This reduces our chances of making breakthroughs and lowers the confidence we have in our capability to succeed in tasks outside of our comfort zone. We will learn to practice proper interpretation of the situations, and to recognize that being outside of our comfort zone is not threatening, and is in fact beneficial!

Through a simple daily two-minute exercise, we can foster self-control when a situation goes out of hand, significantly improve our sense of self-efficacy and consequently, the results we will achieve. Besides mental resilience, there are physical benefits as well.

The tools you will take with you:

Condition the body and mind to change

The Workshop Leaders

The workshop is co-facilitated by Joe Guttman and Yosi Aharoni, 

both highly experienced with over a thousand graduates on their resume 

Joe Guttman

 Holding a degree in Psychology and Management, and a graduate of Psychotherapy Studies at Focusing. Treats traumas originating at sea, as well as post-trauma. In recent years, Joe leads the Switch workshop on dealing with fear at sea and in extreme situations, with over a thousand graduates. Lecturer in the CWT course for training cold-exposure therapists. Lecturer at the Wingate Institute – Psychology of Sport, at the Surfing Instructors course. Joe feels at home at sea, surfing during the winter storms and on big waves around the world. Practicing for years the benefits that await us outside of our comfort zone

Yosi Aharoni

Holding a degree in Economics, Yossi is a therapist dealing with the spiritual psychology approach, a certified yoga instructor on behalf of the Wingate Institute, an NLP master and a certified therapist in EMR. Facilitator and lecturer on mindful-Ice, Yossi develops and conducts cold exposure workshops and is the founder of the CWT training course, certifying cold-exposure therapists. Considered one of the most significant experts in the field of cold exposure. Yossi is a sea lover, surfer, environmental activist and ice water swimmer

The workshop

The Switch workshop is an experience that takes the participants on a trip outside the comfort zone, in order to teach in the most tangible way, how to deal with our emotional reactions to situations of discomfort.

A fascinating and powerful  session, during which we will learn how to make the mental and emotional switch in preparation for the exposure to the cold water and how to use this tool on a daily basis when confronting fear, chronic pressure/stress, loss of control and diverse situations at work and in life itself.

For the peak of the workshop we will be entering an ice bath and learn to overcome the strong urge to escape to the comfort zone

 We bring the workshop to you, whether at your office or a fitting location of your choice. The workshop is suitable for groups of 12-40 participants

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